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Vol. 4 No. 8 (2023)
Published July 12, 2023
Issue in progress | Dossier | Transfeminist (per)formative visualities.

Issue in progress | Dossier | Transfeminist (per)formative visualities.
Continuous publication: period July to December 2023.


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July 16, 2021

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January 4, 2021

General Section

Claudio José Hidalgo Vargas, Jessica Katherine Gaona Alvarado, Ana Lucia Hidalgo Vargas, Richar Lutter Calderón Zambrano, Esteban Xavier Pérez Villafuerte
Performance levels and attitudes towards mathematics
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
María Alejandra Macías Zambrano, Johanna Isabel Zambrano Alcívar
Technological didactic resources in eye-hand development in children from 3 to 4 years old
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Manuel Campoverde-Andrade, Tania Tamayo-Calle
Affections due to the use of the voice, in teachers of the Educational Unit Ciudad de Cuenca
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Silvia Valeria Castelo Quinde, Laura Mercedes Quishpi Espinel, María Ángela Gómez Jaramillo, Evelin Adriana Campos Cabezas
Educational quality and perceived service satisfaction of students of the technological institutes of Riobamba
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Eber Jardiel Pérez Zúñiga
Socioeconomic impact of the Jóvenes Construyendo El Futuro program on university students in Mexico
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Jhenny Ximena Jara Capa, Yonimiller Castillo Ortega, Juan Bautista Solís Muñoz
Logical Framework Methodology: a key tool for effective social project management
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Nancy Beatriz Caraguay Guaillas, Juan Edmundo Álvarez Gavilanes, Bertha Janeth Cárdenas Lata
Femicide: a latent reality in Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Ketty del Rocío Hurtado García, Mayra Elizabeth García Bravo, Rosa Marjorie Torres Briones, Rodrigo Arturo Reyes Armas
Tax education in the community: an exploratory study of organizational needs in the canton of La Maná
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Héctor Alberto Luzuriaga Jaramillo, Diego Patricio Hidalgo Cajo, Edwin Santiago Avilés Luna, Richar Lutter Calderón Zambrano, Juan Carlos Mata López
Impact of digital educational technologies and academic performance in mathematics
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Jimy Darwin Reyes Sánchez, Verónica Carolina Orozco Manobanda, Israel Antonio Orozco Manobanda
Intercultural Ecuadorian educational policy: a comparative study against the educational processes of Peru and El Salvador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Leonardo Augusto Paredes Quezada, Juan Carlos Garate Aguirre
Absence of workers in fulfillment of institutional objectives, health center 3 -Loja, Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Gema Vanessa Marcillo Coaboy, Edwin Joselito Vásquez Erazo, Glenda Maricela Ramón Poma
The rural community-based tourism in San José de Bachillero: an innovative management model
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Nycole Julissa Lucero Vasquez, Diego Paúl Andrade Campoverde
Psychosocial risks in the health personnel of the Auxilio Praxxel clinic in Cuenca
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Bibiana Alexandra Morales Ordoñez, José Luis Solano Peláez
Psychosocial risk factors and work performance in Austroforja employees in Cuenca–Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Ligia Fernanda Espinosa Cevallos, Carina Moreno González
Methodologies, Strategies and Tools for Active, Meaningful and Differentiated Learning
Linner Paola Urrutia Sagnay, Daniela Lorena Matovelle Bustos
Risk factors involved in the consumption of psychotropic and psychoactive substances
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Álvaro Hernán Vayas López, Guido Hernán Tobar Vasco, Bertha Jeaneth Sánchez Herrera, Carlos Alberto Barreno Córdova, Hermel David Ortiz Roman
Evaluation of the impact of tax reforms on tax incentives to promote economic activities of the commercial sector in the province of Tungurahua
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Daisy Alexandra Maza Poma, Jenny Irlanda Tapia Segarra, Nancy Yolanda Fernández Aucapiña
The community and its influence on the quality of life of elderly adults in the canton SigSig Ludo parish
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Ruth Noemí Fajardo Pauta, Diego Marcelo Cordero González, Juan Bautista Solís Muñoz
Development of management skills in women leaders at the Universidad Católica de Cuenca
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Eduardo David Suárez Crespín, Gerardo Eugenio Campoverde Jiménez
Characterization of the prevention of volcanic risk in an educational institution in the canton of Ambato–Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Natalia Iveth Pachacama Banda, Thalía Selina Chica Méndez, Katherine Gabriela Reyes Pinto, Luis Adrián Cedeño Silvestre
Revisiting the rights of children and adolescents
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RUNAS. Journal of Education & Culture, it's a peer-reviewed publication that publishes 2 issues per year. Founded in 2020, seeks to preserve the spirit of Leonidas Proaño, who dedicated his life to working with the indigenous people of the Andean region of Ecuador, devoid of formal education, and therefore of rights that allow them to live in dignity. This journal aims to examine education with a critical, contextual vision that contributes to the dissemination of the reality of this field in peripheral countries and its possibility of liberation.

*"RUNAS" It is a word that comes from the Kichwa language of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, used to refer to men, human beings.