Tax Planning and Its Financial Impact on Individuals: Application 2021 and 2022
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Planning; taxes; legislation; finance. Planificación; impuestos; legislación; finanzas. Planejamento; tributação; legislação; finanças.

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Posligua San Martín, M. A. (2024). Tax Planning and Its Financial Impact on Individuals: Application 2021 and 2022. Runas. Journal of Education and Culture, 5(9), e240171.


The purpose of this research is to explore how tax planning, within current legal terms, can efficiently increase the liquidity or profitability of natural persons. The economic difficulties that arise when paying taxes can prevent natural persons from resolving their fiscal obligations or limit their capacity to do so. However, within the legal parameters established by the Tax Administration, alternatives are offered that allow natural persons to mitigate their tax burden. With the aid of proper tax and financial planning, it is possible to comply with the treasury without affecting the desired profitability and/or liquidity. This research includes a literature review and an analysis of the legal parameters applicable to the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax, demonstrating through specific calculations the financial impact of each, both individually and collectively. It highlights the tax application for natural persons, who are mostly unaware of these aspects in Ecuador, based on financial calculations and within legal guidelines. These reflect appropriate application alternatives, with clearly defined scenarios that show the economic connotations and impacts. The main conclusion of the study is that proper tax planning allows natural persons not required to keep accounting to significantly reduce their tax burden, thus improving their liquidity and profitability. This underscores the importance of knowing and correctly applying laws and tax benefits to efficiently manage taxes.
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