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Vol. 4 No. 7 (2023)
Published February 3, 2023
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May 7, 2023

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July 16, 2021

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January 4, 2021

General Section

Ricardo Arturo Nieto Nieves, Luis Alberto López Pinos, Mónica Cecibel Gallegos Avendaño
The approval processes for workplace harassment and their impact on legal certainty
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Claudia Alicia Hernández Mesa, Nubia Stella Carreño Amaya
Digital Marketing as a strategic toll for business positioning
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Ibet Castro Reino, Fausto Barrera Bravo
The classification of artisan branches in Ecuador and the prejudice to the labor law of artisans
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Elizabeth Veronica Cunin Quispe, Ana Carolina Tapia Pilamonta, Elias David Caisa Yucailla
Waste in emerging markets: conspicuous consumption and sustainable brands
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
José Enrique Valladarez Herrera, Darwin Gabriel García-Herrera, Carlos Marcelo Ávila-Mediavilla
The Sports Environment: Perceptions According to Gender, Age and Sport
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Lisseth Del Carmen Nuñez Sanchez, José Alberto Vásquez Flores, Luis Octavio Señalin Morales
Forensic audit, as a control tool to prevent financial fraud in family businesses in the banana sector of the Province of El Oro, Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Diana Susana Villagómez Contreras, Nacira Virginia Landeta Maldonado, Jaime Oswaldo Zapata Palma
Reduction of school violence: influence of university environmental factors
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Claudio Andrés Chicomin Torres, Virgilio Eduardo Salcedo-Muñoz, Vicente Arias Montero, Jonathan Neptali Herrera Peña
University Social Responsibility in Higher Education Institutions in Machala Canton–Ecuador within the framework of the 2030 Agenda
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Viviana Fabiola Pinos Medrano, Juan Bautista Solis Muñoz, Jessica Lucía Salamea Sánchez
Soft skills in the management of teaching and administrative practice in Higher Education: hybrid modality
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Jorge Estuardo Novillo Muñoz, Santiago Alejandro Jarrín Navas, Irina Magaly Alcívar Pinargote
Recreation and sport: importance and benefits of spaces and sports venues
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Marco Antonio Lara Salinas
Influencers in social networks: consumer perceptions about brand equity in the textile sector
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Rebeca Jeannette Pazmiño Vargas, Vanessa del Pilar Sisalema Sánchez, Tamara Lissette Cabrera Mejía
Effectiveness of presentation, practice and production method on the development of speaking fluency
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Michelle Estefania Chuncha Martinez, Kevin Bryan López Pilachanga, Marcelo Javier Mancheno Saá
Proposal for a graphic innovation model aimed at digital transformation
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Jennifer Estefanía Cárdenas Aucapiña, Fernando Ochoa Rodriguez
Analysis of the rights of transgender people in CRS Turi
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Esteban Gabriel Morocho Bustos, Juan Bautista Solis Muñoz, Jorge Lugo García
Competitiveness of family microenterprises. Pre and post COVID 19 analyses in Azogues, Ecuador
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Francisco Javier Larriva González, Santiago Alejandro Jarrin Navas, Natalia María Rodríguez Zárate
Technical execution in women's soccer according to age and level of sports experience
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
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RUNAS. Journal of Education & Culture, it's a peer-reviewed publication that publishes 2 issues per year. Founded in 2020, seeks to preserve the spirit of Leonidas Proaño, who dedicated his life to working with the indigenous people of the Andean region of Ecuador, devoid of formal education, and therefore of rights that allow them to live in dignity. This journal aims to examine education with a critical, contextual vision that contributes to the dissemination of the reality of this field in peripheral countries and its possibility of liberation.

*"RUNAS" It is a word that comes from the Kichwa language of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, used to refer to men, human beings.