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RUNAS. Journal of Education & Culture (ISSN 2737-6230) is edited by CICSHAL-RELIGACIÓN. Centro de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de América Latina, a  CLACSO center associated

Runas is a refereed academic journal that publishes 2 issues per year (January-July and August-December). Founded in 2020, it seeks to publish articles related to education and culture around the world, in terms of reality verification, since these fields are interrelated as key elements of the development of peoples. We welcome contributions from researchers, academics, and young students with a critical, contextual vision that contributes to the dissemination of the reality of the fields described, mainly in peripheral countries, and their reflection on the alternatives/possibility of liberation.

*"RUNAS" is a word that comes from the Kichwa language of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, used to refer to human beings. [+info]


The journal allows free access to all papers presented in this electronic journal, and authors retain full copyright and publication rights without restriction. All articles will comply with the Creative Commons standards to which the journal is subscribed under the following terms. [+info]



Runas does not charge submission or processing fees for articles.

Runas does not charge submission or article processing fees. RUNAS is a publication that receives partial support from CICSHAL-RELIGACIÓN. Centro de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de América Latina. For this reason, we encourage the authors of this journal to make a donation that will allow us to cover the expenses involved in editorial production and to maintain high-quality processes with high standards.

Info: http://runas.religacion.com/index.php/about/fee



RUNAS, publish 2 issues per year (January-July and August-December).

Accepted languages for publication: Spanish, English, or Portuguese


Research articles will undergo a double-blind, peer review. This also applies to manuscripts submitted as part of a special issue and all articles.

The decision of the reviewers will be evaluated by the Editors according to the eligibility for publication. Authors will be informed at all times of decisions regarding the editorial process. [+info]