The Impact of Short Videos in the Listening Skills of Young Adults with A1 Level from UCACUE


Educational video; Listening; activity. Video educativo; escuchar; actividad. Vídeo educacional; ouvir; atividade.

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Rojas, F., & Guamán Luna, M. M. (2023). The Impact of Short Videos in the Listening Skills of Young Adults with A1 Level from UCACUE. Runas. Journal of Education and Culture, 5(9), e240150.


The use of short educational videos as a tool to enhance listening skills in adult learners has gained significant attention in recent years. This study aims to explore the effects of incorporating short everyday English videos into listening activities in university students from UCACUE, La Troncal extension. The research incorporates a comprehensive literature review to identify the theoretical foundations and justifications for using short videos in adult language education. The participants for this study are fifty undergraduate students from the Language Center at UCACUE, with a beginner English level (A1 course) divided into control and experimental. For gathering data, groups are evaluated through questionnaires and pre and post-tests, to obtain quantitative data. Similarly, to attain qualitative data, a survey is introduced to them for analyzing students’ perceptions regarding the implementation of Short Videos in Listening activities. The results of the study revealed a notable enhancement in listening performance, students’ motivation, and engagement for participants who were exposed to video materials compared to those who used traditional audio resources. Participants viewing videos scored higher in post-tests, signifying better comprehension. Consequently, the study concluded that integrating videos effectively enhances listening skills, marking multimedia as a potent tool for educational advancement.


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