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Permanent Call for Papers

Before submitting, please review the instructions to the authors.


Runas journal invites the academic community to submit papers. These sections provide the opportunity to submit articles with open themes related to culture and education. Additionally, the continuous publication system allows accelerating the publication process.

Contributions are welcome from young or established researchers and professors interested in the educational and cultural realities experienced by the countries of the so-called "periphery".

The journal seeks articles that express the daily realities of populations excluded from the world system and that contribute to the discussion of practices that denounce the systems and to the reflection on the alternatives that emerge in today's world.

What languages are accepted?

Accepted languages: English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Are there recommendations and/or templates for article structures?

Yes, citations and references should be in APA 7th edition style. More details and templates can be found here.

Is there a publication fee?

There is no article processing fee, nor is there an article submission fee. 

How do I submit my article?

After adapting your article to the journal's editorial guidelines, you should review the checklist and submission form explained here.

What types of articles does the journal receive?

Theoretical and research articles, case studies, and reviews.

If my article is approved, when will it be published?

Immediately after editing and production

Do you need more information? 

Send an email to: