Influencers in social networks: consumer perceptions about brand equity in the textile sector
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Influenciadores; formadores de opinião; marca corporativa; plataformas digitais; reconhecimento da marca. Influencers; líderes de opinión; marca corporativa; plataformas digitales; conocimiento de marca. Influencers; leaders of opinion; corporate brand; digital platforms; brand awareness.

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Lara Salinas, M. A. (2023). Influencers in social networks: consumer perceptions about brand equity in the textile sector. Runas. Journal of Education and Culture, 4(7), e230112.


Corporate textile brands have been affected by the drop-in consumption caused by unemployment associated with changes in purchasing and consumption habits. The objective of the study was to analyze the impact generated by the influencer’s strategy according to the perception of the consumer about the textile corporate brand in the city of Santo Domingo, Ecuador. The methodological design used was quantitative because the perception of the consumer regarding the topic raised was measured. The sample consisted of 360 consumers, who provide adequate information to carry out the investigation. A main result showed that there is a certain degree of incidence on the variables of influencers in social networks and their influence on the creation of content in relation to textile brands. Finally, it was concluded that the hiring of influencers as a strategy to increase sales in the textile corporate brand has a significant impact on consumer perception, since, if this strategy is correctly implemented, it can improve the brand image, increase awareness of the product.
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