Call For papers | Transfeminist (per)formative visualities.

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Transfeminist (per)formative visualities.

Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2023.

Guest Editor:

Dra. (c) Ornela Barone Zallocco, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - Argentina

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Languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

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Transfeminist (per)formative visualities.

This call seeks to host and welcome research, pedagogical practices and trans/in/end disciplinary concerns that find together with (flores, 2018) transfeminist visualities an opportunity to crossbreed registers, methodologies and languages, to create cartographies that propose rewritings of the worlds we need escaping the linearity of sequential time towards perhaps ch'ixi dimensions (Rivera Cusicanqui, 2018), perhaps towards a "temporal dimension outside of chronocis-hetero-normativity" (Piña Narváez Funes, 2021, p. 20) perhaps of (re)invention as a vital and political motion of reXistence. It is intended to embrace transfeminist visualities that intervene in the materiality of the symbolic, that configure a "new political-visual order from which to think the planetary transition" (Preciado, 2022, p. 22). The insurgent potentialities deployed by performative visualities that make room(s) for transfeminisms, the cuir, the strange, the decolonial, the vital, the anti-normative, are summoned. To the experiences and gestures (Haudricourt, 2019) that are cultivated among (per)formativities, take root in les corps and take shape in visual memories as necessary (a)historical records.

With this call we intend to compose cartographies that can lead us to "a factual speculative place" (Haraway, 2019, p. 9) inhabited from and alongside the cosmic (Krenak, 2023) and interspecies (Haraway 2019 a, 2021, Despret, 2022, Kohn, 2021) that we weave in our political territories of reciprocity with the power of dreams and our imagination, gestating possibilities of reparation of damage (Anzaldúa, 2021), colonial wounds (Krenak, 2023, Kohn, 2021, Federici, 2015 ) and cis-heteropatriarchal and capitalist violence (Federici, 2022, Preciado, 2019). By dint of understanding the interstitial value of our ordinary and imaginary worlds (Anzaldúa, 2021) as enunciative locus (Ribeiro, 2020) from where to pronounce the rages and perfor(m)ative rebellions. The (per)formative visualities convened here seek to grant "voice to the movements of desire" (Rolnik, 2019), to subvert the burden of proof (Butler, 2018) of bleached monothematic and aseptic visual imaginaries. Understanding that these practices significantly intervene in our everyday organizations of meaning (Richard, 2014), procuring disorienting (Ahmed, 2019) acts of seeing (Brea, 2015).

Transfeminist, (per)formative, (trans)sexual, pleasurable, post-porn, menstrual, decolonial, anti-racial, ancestral, indigenous and irreverent bodies are called upon to cooperate in the collective construction of other/ inappropriate visualities and countervisualities that (dis)assemble and disrupt the coloniality of seeing (Colombres, 2012) and doing by disarming meanings, opening spaces, desires and flows to create meaning (Alcazar, 2014).


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