Runas Journal doesn't charge submission or article processing fees.

RUNAS is a publication partially supported by RELIGACIÓN-CICSHAL. Centro de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de América Latina. For this reason, we encourage the authors of this journal to donate that will allow us to cover the expenses involved in the editorial production and to maintain quality processes with high standards.

Your donation helps us with the maintenance of the website, payment of article editing software (Microsoft Office, Adobe), anti-plagiarism software, CrossRef membership and DOI assignment for each article, text and graphic designer, online publication, and long-term archiving, etc.

We have assigned a PayPal account for this purpose. We thank those who allow us to maintain this editorial project.

PAYPAL: https://paypal.me/cicshal

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We will send the respective invoice of your contribution.

MoneyGRam, Riamoney (ask for details)

The donation is not conditioned in any way to the publication of the article. In no case will the economic limitation constitute an impediment to the publication of articles. 

Benefits to the authors:

  • DOI for each article.
  • Interactive and modern PDF (with index and hyperlinks to ORCID and DOI),
  • EPUB for adjustable reading to electronic devices, iPhone, iPad.
  • Web with interoperability for the harvesting of articles in the largest number of repositories and databases (Clacso, Scilit, WorldCat, Google Scholar, and libraries in Europe like Deutsche National Bibliothek, etc).
  • A website with PlumX, provided by Elsevier
  • Dissemination of the articles through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Illustration (jpg, png image creation) designed to spread your article.
  • Discount on book publication. 10% discount on the publication of an e-book or book chapter from our publishing house (Books will have DOI, ISBN, and will be indexed).