Call For Papers | First Issue

Invitation to send papers for our first issue

Deadline: 06 july, 2020

Languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese

Before sending review the instructions to the authors

The copy in electronic support must be presented as a single document in Microsoft Word format and must be sent through the OJS system of the website AND by mail;


About the journal:

'Oh, poor runas! How it tears my soul to see them work!

This was the expression of Monsignor Leonidas Proaño (an Ecuadorian religious, close to liberation theology, who worked with the indigenous sectors of Chimborazo, Ecuador) when he saw the degree of misery and exploitation to which the runas (a Kichwa word for men, human beings) of the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador, were subjected. They lived like animals, in holes in the ground, humiliated and held exclusively as a labor force. Proaño dedicated his life to transforming that reality, mainly through literacy and education work, as well as the study of their culture and economy. This journal seeks to preserve this spirit of Proaño and to examine education with a critical, contextual vision that contributes to the diffusion of the reality of this field in peripheral countries and its possibility of liberation.